That’s when I understood. Running away and leaving behind the people you care about? That isn’t love. Though you might just want to keep them safe, shutting them out of you life only hurts them more. The point is, I have people I can count on. I’ll make it through.

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TV Tropes × Lightning
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video game challenge: 7 female characters [1/7]

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Lightning, WIP: watercolours

*colours look different on each photo bc I took them on different times of the day

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Final Fantasy Character Portraits [19/∞]

Final Fantasy Character Portraits [19/]

rikus-despair asked: lightning or serah?


Lightning. It flashes brightthen fades away. It can’t protect, it only destroys.

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Endless list of favourite FF characters 2/? - Lightning (FFXIII)

Make me choose:

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